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How to create an environment of love and passion at home?

Fragrances are not visible, but their influence over our body is totally tangible. They evoke memories, thoughts or sensation in us. They also stimulate us and bring us energy; we could reject something because of its smell or, on the contrary, long for it because its smell is appealing. Try our New Day Scent here. 

If we want to create an environment of love and passion at home, the sense of smell is crucial. If we want to give an intimate dinner or a special gathering, we can add that seductive touch with some elements and fragrances like Together Scent and Inappropriate Scent.

What elements include?

You can choose any of these options:

  • Scented candles: they are perfect for preparing an environment of mystery, intimacy and relaxation. They invite us to be calm and peaceful.
  • Incenses: burning incense can also help you to create an aromatic and delicate environment.
  • Diffusers: they are devices that vaporize fragrances or essences, easy to use. The advantage of diffusers is that they last longer and have a larger scope. You can find different models and styles, but all of them fulfill the same function: perfume a space effectively, embellishing it at the same time.

Which aromas to choose?

Everything will depend on the place and the occasion. If it is a romantic dinner, the scents should not interfere with the food tasting. You could be able to perceive a smooth and clean feeling, as well as intimacy and companionship.

Lean toward clean, soft and stimulating smells for the bedroom. We recommend you the following scents:

  • Aphrodisiac: Ylang- ylang is a powerful scent that combines perfectly with other aromas and Inappropriate Scent is the perfect example.
  • Passion and comfort: Ginger is a scent that inspires.
  • Stimulate: Cinnamon is stimulating, invigorating and warm. Use it with precaution because some people can be allergic to it.
  • Embrace: Vanilla is a soft, warm and aphrodisiac
  • Feminine and sweet: Jasmine is an exciting, intense and long-lasting scent all at once.
  • Encourage and elicit relaxation: Inappropriate, this is our combination of scents, the best for a perfect romantic night out.

Which are the female fragrances that men love?

We know that fragrances can act as powerful aphrodisiac to allure the opposite sex, and that both males and females can feel attracted to different odors. Dr. Hirsch, director of The Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation of Chicago, confirmed it. He conducted a study to determine the kind of scents that men feel attracted to in women.

You will be surprised by the results!

  • Pumpkin pie and lavender: Surprisingly, this combination of scents produced a greater blood flow of the penis in male volunteers, based on the cited study. So, this is an excellent option to turn on the passion in them. On one hand, the lavender makes them feel loved and calm. On the other hand, the pumpkin pie stimulates them and helps them to raise their body temperature since it is a mix of species. Some of them are: ginger, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon all of which provide an intense flavor and smell.
  • Vanilla: men feel attracted to this scent because they find it familiar. It induces them to open up and show affection. It is a soft, subtle as well as stimulating scent.
  • Cinnamon: it is an invigorating, hot spice and one of the most popular aphrodisiacs of history. It creates a warm feeling and increases blood flow.
  • Sandalwood: it is a characteristic spice of the East. It has been used since ancient times as an aphrodisiac to treat impotence, and it is used to perform massages in tantric rituals. Combined with floral scents as orchids, turn males crazy.
  • Orange: the smell of recently squeezed oranges is pretty irresistible for men. It is spicy and energetic, that is why many perfumes have citrus elements in their composition.

As you may have noticed, there are many options when we talk about seduction through the senses. Choose the one suits you better, gives you comfort and security and, above all, creates a loving and delicate environment for you and your partner.

Which are the male fragrances that women love?

For women, the sense of smell is an effective weapon when choosing a possible partner. It is not about love, but about reproduction. The thing is that women select genetic compatibility through olfaction. It is also a way in which nature secures that we have healthy children.

The sense of smell is like a little savage beast. You can’t run from it, and it is so powerful that can make you recall images of your loving childhood as if it were yesterday. For example, it only takes to remember the passage of the madeleine in “Swann’s way” by Marcel Proust.

Smells can also produce different levels of attraction and make women show positive feelings towards the opposite sex. This obviously varies depending on the woman; there are some that prefer the perfume of their partners, others that prefer a natural scent. In any case, the masculine odor can have a comforting aspect for most women.

Although there is no particular smell that attracts women, there are some that women find appealing according to some studies.

  • Musk: it is a pretty strong and distinctive scent. It is difficult to recognize since it provides a feeling of warmth and sweetness. The smell is exotic and at the same time sexy. The Musk is a must have!
  • Vanilla: a familiar scent par excellence. Men and women like it. Its smell is sweet, pleasurable and reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Peppermint: a refreshing scent that smells clean and it’s associated with hygiene. Almost all toothpastes smell like mint. As a result, it conveys the idea that you too have the same features.
  • Leather and wood: they have alluring odors for women. They are usually associated with masculine and virile males. They are sexy scents associated with nature and strength.
  • Citrus: women also find them appealing. They are invigorating and strong. Thus, some perfumes for males have citrus elements in their composition.
Seduction is not only about aromas, but the bond between two people. Although the fragrances you use are important to evoke feelings, emotions and memories, you should use them with caution. Using more will not make you sexier or more attractive. Also, you should consider that your girl enjoys it and that only by perceiving your smell, she yearns for being in your arms.

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