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How much oil do I apply on the diffuser?

1 dropper for a 100ml diffuser 1 and a half for 150ml, and 2 droppers for 300ml.


How much oil do I apply on the lamps?

1 scent cap for the lamps.


How are the essential oils applied in the diffuser?

Add water to the water tank and the amount of oil depending on the time you want to enjoy the fragrance. Turn it on setting the timer.


How do I apply the product?

Using a dropper is the recommended way to do so.


How long does each bottle of Yancy’s oil last?

The Small Size ½ Oz lasts up to 2 Weeks.
The Medium Size 4 Oz lasts up to 2 months.
The Large Size 8 Oz is twice the size and lasts up to 4 months.


How long does the lamp give aroma?

It depends on the intensity, the higher the intensity the faster the oil burns, but it can last at least a whole afternoon with a few drops (one capful).


Can the lamp stay on all day long?

Yes, even if the oil runs out it provides beautiful lighting and ambiance.


How often do I have to change the oil?

Just refill at the moment you would like to feel the aroma again.


Does it work in a 2-Story house?

Yes, in that case the larger 300ml or 500ml diffuser are recommended.


Which scent one is best for the car?

We recommend new car and black ice scents.


Does it evaporate?

Essential oils are volatile molecules, which means that they evaporate at low temperatures. In fact, to produce them, they are extracted from vegetable matter by distillation, a process that involves the use of steam.


What care should I take with the product to make it last longer?

They should be kept away from direct sunlight and protected in glass bottles. The shelf life of the active ingredients of essential oils depends on their correct storage and handling.




Are the essences natural or artificial?

We have both lines that share the same function which is to aromatize:
Essential Oils: Natural source
Fragrances Oils: Artificially created and blended with natural oils to create a unique experience.


If they are artificial, can they affect health?

They do not represent any harm as long as they are used correctly, our essences are made only to aromatize an environment using a diffuser or a lamp, they should not be applied on the skin nor ingested.
Also, Essential and Fragrance oils should be used and applied with moderation and caution, do not exceed use for too many extended hours.

Can they be used in spaces with small children, pregnant women or pets?

Generally, if used with caution and in the correct manner, they should not pose a problem. If a reaction occurs, discontinue use immediately.


Can they be applied on the skin or only for domestic use or spaces?

Our oils are created only with the principle of aromatizing homes and spaces, and in our case they are NOT created to be applied topically (skin), nor to be ingested. 


Are they vegan or tested on animals?

Yes, they are vegan. Our products were developed without any animal testing, ensuring that the product does not include any animal-derived ingredients.


What scents make up the combined essences? Or do they have a description. For example: Gain, Stay home, New day, Scape, Concentrate, Together, etc.

From our Essences portfolio the only blended essences are the essential oils described below:
Concentrate: Lemon and Rosemary
Scape: Sandalwood, Tuscan Leather, Amber
Stay home: Lavender and Jasmine
New day: Spruce, Lang and birchwood
Together: Orange, Amber and Cedar Wood
Rustic pine: Pine
Blessed: Aloe Vera
Inappropriate: Lavender, Pumpkin Pie, Strawberry, Ginger and Orange


Is there any danger of accidental ingestion and what would be the antidote in any case?

Our essential oils should not be taken internally, nor ingested, they were only created to be inhaled or to scent the environment or space you are in. Talk to a health professional. If you have specific health problems, consult your doctor before using fragrance oils.


What is the difference between essential oils and fragrance oils?

Essence Oils: Extracted mainly by distillation, these pure essences are extracted from plants and trees. In our case the plus of these essences is that they help at a therapeutic level as they help to balance the mood and emotions, such as relaxation and concentration.
Fragrance Oils: These are created in laboratories with the highest standards and cover a wide range of scents. Their main objective is to perfume and, to do so, they imitate the smell of elements present in nature.




Do you ship internationally?



Do you do wholesale?

Yes, for more details please contact us by email at


When will you ship my order?

1 business day to process the order and another day to ship it.  A total of two days.


Can returns be made?

We do not do returns, but we do exchange of products within 30 days.


Do you automatically ship products or offer subscriptions? (Amazon type)

(we don't have this yet, but we are working on it).


What is the delivery time?

We ship the orders the same day if the order is placed before 12pm or the next day if the order is placed after 12pm. The delivery time depends on the Carrier USPS. Generally if it is local the delivery time is 1 to 2 days, if it is outside the city of Miami it can take 3 to 4 days.


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