Wood is a popular interior decorating material and has remained so throughout the years. It brings about a natural sense of grounding and peace to the area around it. A 500 ML diffuser that works for hours on end to keep your customers peaceful and satisfied longer.


Clean, fresh. Your house, your car, everything will feel immaculate! An aroma suited for lovers of strong fragrances. The soft lavanda touches will give you a calm sensation of home, clean home.


Contains birchwood that prevent bacterial and fungal infections. Spruce purifying and cleansing attributes. Ylang, Ylang, Its aroma is heady, deeply relaxing and euphoric. It is also indicated for use in nervous tension, in the case of frustration, restlessness, anger, anxiety, depression and stress.


Contains Lemon and Rosemary. It works wonders in a diffuser which is capable of truly break down the acidity of this type of fragrance and leave the juicy, clean smell of lemon.


Out in the fields, running wild and free. Jasmin offers that characteristic smell and angelic feeling to your surroundings and the Lavender can help you sleep. As a go-to scent for relaxation, lavender can help calm the mind and body almost instantly. A clean aroma is also added to complete the mixture.


Asia’s treasure. For centuries sandalwood has been used as a medicinal tool, as a cleaner of bad energies, and as a seductive smell to enchant anyone. These calming effects can even help patients suffrering from long-term hypertension, and work to reduce blood pressure levels.