“When I am down, a deep breath in nature is all I need to feel motivated and energized, that is the magic of these fragrances, they make me feel in nature”.

–Gabriella M., YANCY Spa Candles and Scents customer.

We have combined the scents that take you to the purest places from our collection, so your home feels right away clean and makes you visualize and feel a beautiful garden and places with immaculate water.

This refreshing bundle contains fragrances that combine the eucalyptus, the soft lavender, and the fresh citrus while maintaining the clean and natural essence. Each fragrance smells like a new fresh and pure life! Start feeling cleanness and pureness now.

Its magic comes in BIG size, so it lasts!:
  • 8 Oz can last up to 4 months, a little bit less when used in lamps, using once a day.

Therefore, with these 3 scents you can feel more connected with nature for up to an ENTIRE YEAR at a discounted bundle price that is only offered for limited stock.
Experience Maximum Purity now! Don’t wait!

The bundle consists in the following scenting oils: